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How peculiar it must be to have only one life.

The mind of an artist is ever in action. Even at 'rest' we observe, we filter, we prepare to explode with motion for the next creation that moves through the form. 


I'm an actress, a dreamer, a restless wanderer among the sea of words. I read voraciously and play at different 'roles' I live. I'm a writer, I have been a bartender. I'm a daughter and a sister, and a lover of all things fantasy and science fiction. I can truthfully say my mother is a robot, being the daughter of an actress can be amusing.


I am utterly obsessed with my dog.


This website is a small portion, the ones that make it from the piles and boxes to be brought out to share. Sketches are my journals, my story ideas in their fragile infant form. I'll mention only what I felt or thought that moved an image from my perception to reality but my true hope is that you find what they mean, to you, for yourself.

Enjoy the journey.

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